Miley Cyrus & Her Fake Butt Get in Major Trouble in Mexico (VIDEO)

Miley CyrusDoes anyone else consider it kind of ironic that Miley Cyrus is the twerking queen -- and yet she's got a butt flatter than a pancake run over by an 18-wheeler? Maybe this is why Miley needed a little -- okay, a LOT -- of padding in the derriere department while she twerked on stage in Mexico. Add in one of her dancers slapping that synthetic faux-Kardashianassss with a Mexican flag, and, well, Miley might end up grinding against the bars of her Mexican prison cell.


Reportedly, Mexican law protects "national emblems, the flag, and the national anthem" from desecration, and it really doesn't matter if the derriere the flag came into contact with is fake. Disrespecting the flag can get you up to 36 hours in the pokey.

Some Mexican lawmakers are reportedly saying Miley's antics were indeed "desecration," which means she could be subjected to fines, jail time, or being detained before she's able to flee the country.

I think people take the whole desecration of the flag thing a bit too seriously. At the end of the day, it's just a piece of fabric. It means only what you put into it. Besides, who is to say that slapping a fake Miley ass with the flag is a sign of disrespect? Do you think Miley disrespected Robin Thicke when she used him as her booty whipper? It was all in the name of love, I'm sure.

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Besides, when Justin Bieber disrespected the flag of Argentina, no one put him in prison. And we're still paying the price for that!

Check out Miley "disrespecting" the Mexican flag.

Should she be punished?


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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