Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors Impossible to Deny in New Photo

Kylie Jenner

Rumors about Kylie Jenner having plastic surgery have been running rampant for quite some time now. Even though she repeatedly denies having had work done, it's getting next to impossible for us to believe otherwise.

You guys? I know her lips have looked noticeably fuller in the past, but after seeing a new photo that she shared on Instagram? Um, either Kylie was attacked by a swarm of bees or she definitely had some sort of lip injections done.

I mean, you can even see what appear to be little bumps from where the needle (allegedly) plumped up her pout, for crying out loud.


Uhhhh ... what? How in the heck does she think anyone is going to believe that her face is all natural after seeing this shot? I'm sorry, but she was NOT born with a mouth that big, people!

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Oh, and if the photo doesn't convince you that something fishy is happening with her lips, check out this video she posted showing them off even more.

Um, WTF? She looks so different, it's almost a little bit disturbing, to the point where you just want to reach through the computer and shake her or something.

I know she's a reality star and her family is super famous and all that jazz, but for the love of Pete, Kylie is still a teenager. It's just so unsettling that she seems to feel the need to drastically alter her appearance at such a young age.

At the rate she's going, she's not even going to remotely resemble herself by the time she hits 30 or so, which is just plain sad. 

(Seriously Kylie, it's time to chill with whatever the heck you're doing to your lips. For reals.)

Do you think Kylie had lip injections?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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