Khloe Kardashian Rejects Lamar Odom for the Last Time

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Even though we could predict everyone jumping to conclusions from a mile away after her recent breakup with French Montana, it's still a little surprising how people assume Khloe Kardashian will take Lamar Odom back now that she's single again.

Um, while the idea of her having unresolved feelings for him isn't all that far-fetched, given that he was (and I guess still is) her husband, Khloe seems to be level-headed enough to learn from her past mistakes instead of making them all over again, right?


Duh. YES!

And that's why we should be totally relieved that Khloe is rejecting Lamar's attempts to reconcile ... or at least that's what RadarOnline is reporting.

A source claims, "Even though Lamar has been in Los Angeles for the last few weeks, Khloe has showed absolutely no interest in getting back together with him. He has been in contact with Khloe, but she has made it very clear to him that there is no romantic interest on her part."

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Bam. And there you have it. Khloe has been there, done that, and she certainly isn't stupid enough to take back a man who crushed her hopes and dreams for a happy future. (Which means, at this point, he should really stop trying to get back together with her or else he'll embarrass himself miserably.)

Considering how badly Lamar hurt her, what with his alleged cheating and drug use, she would be setting herself up for heartbreak and failure by giving him another shot. How's that old saying go? "Old habits die hard" or whatever?

Lamar definitely seems like the type to fall back into his old behavior the minute he feels secure with Khloe again. The odds of things working out between them given his shady past are slim to none.

If she wants to start a new chapter in her life, Khloe should consider staying single for a while and testing the waters a bit before jumping back into another serious relationship. After all, doesn't true love usually show up when we're not looking for it and least expect it?

Do you think Khloe should take Lamar back?


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