What Kate Middleton Did to Get Pregnant Are Things Most Celebs Wouldn't Do

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Apparently, Kate Middleton and Prince William told close friends over the summer that they were going to start trying for baby number two, and boom! Before anyone could utter the word "congratulations," the Duchess was barfing her brains out from morning sickness. If the gossip on Vanity Fair's website is to be believed, the Duke and Duchess had very little trouble conceiving for the second time, and perhaps -- perhaps -- it had a little something to do with Kate's strict pre-pregnancy plan, which, no doubt, she'll stick to throughout her pregnancy. (Spoiler alert: Prepare to see a much paler, more veggie-rich Duchess.)


According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, who penned Kate: The Future Queen, Kate started preparing her body for pregnancy via eschewing spray tans and hair dye, and sticking to a "healthy eating regime, which included juicing raw vegetables once a week." Sounds like a pretty smart idea to me. If you're going to be housing another human in your body, makes sense to get into tip-top shape beforehand. (The Duchess reportedly had a similar plan during her first pregnancy.)

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Kate, of course, isn't the only woman in the world to forgo beauty treatments and increase healthy foods during her pregnancy, but it is pretty cool that she's willing to ditch the dye that helps her signature locks look so shiny and skip out on the spray tans that make her look all dewy and vacationy (even in the dead of winter). Not all famous folk would be willing to do that -- cough, Kim Kardashian, cough.

I certainly don't think Kate Middleton got pregnant solely from eating vegetables and steering clear of hair dye, but hey, it certainly couldn't have hurt. And when you've got a baby as healthy and cute as Prince George, why not do what you did last go 'round. I mean, look how well that worked out.

Do you think William and Kate will have a boy or girl?


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