Rihanna Song Pulled From 'Thursday Night Football' for Good After Angry Outburst


It was inevitable that the domestic violence incident regarding Ray Rice and his wife Janay Palmer would touch more than just the world of football. Now a superstar singer is feeling the effects of the controversy as well: Rihanna. She went on Twitter to rage about how the NFL has been flip-flopping over her music since the video of Ray Rice was released.

Last week, CBS and the NFL pulled her segment singing "Run This Town," which was supposed to air before the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night game. Ray Rice was released from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Reportedly, beginning with Rihanna's song, who's a domestic violence victim herself, along with its controversial lyrics (“Feel it comin’ in the air. Hear the screams from everywhere. I’m addicted to the thrill. It’s a dangerous love affair.”), caused them to pull the plug. This, of course, made Rihanna very, very angry.


But then CBS wanted to use the segment for the next Thursday night game. Check out her angry tweets in response:

I think we can all agree on one thing: The NFL isn't handling this Ray Rice situation very well in the slightest. Of course, they wanted to avoid more controversy by not airing Rihanna's song, but they caused even more by basically admitting that her history with domestic violence is part of the reason they pulled the song. Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman, told the Associated Press that Rihanna's attack was "among several factors considered but was not the overriding one."

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D'oh. Racy lyrics aside, it's tough not to look at this in any way besides punishing the victim. It was not her fault that her name was associated with yet another incident of domestic violence with then-boyfriend Chris Brown. She wasn't the one who threw the punch. Then having the nerve to backpedal and say, Oh, it's a week later, everyone should have forgotten about this by now, and continue to use her song?

Well, apparently the network listened:

Bill Carter is a reporter for The New York Times, by the way.

As horrific as that video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife was to watch, how the NFL has been responding to it should make even the most die-hard fans wary and angry. The one small, teeny tiny silver lining of this whole debacle is putting the spotlight on domestic violence -- as well as the fascinating, weird, controversial, enlightening, sad, touching, sexist, life-changing responses to it. We can only hope this is an ongoing discussion in the NFL and won't quickly be swept under the rug in the hopes that everyone will forget about it by next Thursday night's game. And hopefully Rihanna's career won't continue to be stymied by a frightening, deplorable incident that wasn't even her fault in the first place.

Do you think Rihanna was overreacting to CBS and the NFL pulling her song? Did they make the right decision at the time?


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