'Confident' Kate Middleton Is Planning on Doing Things Much Differently With Second Baby

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Remember the last time Kate Middleton had a baby? That was fun. There was a big to-do outside St. Mary's hospital; everyone talked about how cool it was that she showed her "mum tum" after giving birth; there was Prince William with the car seat. Oh, and then shortly after the Duke and Duchess returned to Kensington Palace, they took off for Kate's parents' home in Berkshire so Carole Middleton could help out with the baby. Yeah, that's not going to happen this time. Well, the first three things may happen, but according to reports, Kate will not be heading to her parents' home post-baby this go 'round, as she's "more confident" now.


According to a source, the Duke and Duchess plan on heading back to their newly renovated mansion in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, as opposed to shacking up with the Middletons after baby number two. Kate, like most second-time moms, feels that she'll be able to handle things better this time since she's been there, done that -- but. She and Prince William reportedly have decided to enlist professional help this time, which they didn't do with Prince George. Their home evidently has "a nanny annex and a guest suite with plenty of space for Kate’s family," says a source. In other words, William and Kate are confident they won't need to rely on Carole Middleton as much, A) because they're veteran parents now, and B) because they're going to have other people helping out. Hey, I'd do the same if I were in their position. 

As with any parents, it's impossible for the royal couple to figure out how they're going to feel after having another baby while said baby is still safely (and quietly) tucked away in the Duchess' belly -- so plans I'm sure are subject to change for William and Kate. They didn't plan on living with the Middletons after the birth of Prince George but wound up doing so; the very same thing can happen this time. Or, you know, Carole can just shack up with them for a few weeks in the guest suite. When you've got a mansion with "quarters" to spare, the possibilities are endless.

Do you think Kate will enlist her mother to help out with baby number two?


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