Beyonce & Jay Z Release Part 1 of Hot New 'Bang Bang' Film Series (VIDEO)

It's possible Beyonce and Jay Z are preparing for baby number 2, right at this very moment. It's also just as possible that the megastar isn't pregnant and that the couple is on the brink of a divorce. And then there's possibility #3: Bey was fed up with Jay Z's behavior and alleged affairs, but she had a change of heart -- maybe their successful On the Run tour brought them closer together and convinced them to mend their differences.

The honest-to-goodness truth is that none of us are privy to what is happening in Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage because they are notoriously private AND it's none of our beeswax. The only thing we do know is that they are continuing to prove to be perfect business partners -- two people who make beautiful music AND FILM together. On the heels of wrapping up their major tour in Paris this weekend, they've released Beyonce and Jay Z: Bang Bang, Part One -- their hot three-part short film series.


The short film portrays Beyonce and her husband as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. According to director Dikayl Rimmasch, they haven't necessarily robbed a bank but are instead on the run from "everything," including "becoming a cliche" and "from doing the same thing again."

In a day and age when some music vid directors think it's acceptable to film girls shaking their butts and call it a day, I'm happy to report that part one of Beyonce and Jay Z's series is a thing of beauty -- one that evokes the best of film noir. We already knew Bey was a musical goddess, but her screen presence is off-the-charts impressive. When he isn't smoking one cigar after the next, Jay Z looks thrilled to be by her side. Hands down, one of the sexiest scenes I've seen in a long time is of Jay Z filming Beyonce in bed with a vintage video camera. Her outfit!

The whole thing is ridiculously hot, but also elegant. And, boy, could the music world use a dose of elegance.

Everyone is going to want to speculate on what secrets this video reveals about the couple's relationship. Look, the answer is: it means nothing. They're acting. They're acting really well and they both look beautiful and intense and convincing. Let's enjoy this for what it is: a gorgeously shot mini film that tells a fun story and stars two people who may or may not be working on their marriage, but who still appear to have amazing chemistry. 

Check out part one:

What do you think of Beyonce and Jay Z: Bang Bang, Part One?


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