Kim Kardashian's 'Magic' Red Dress Makes Her Lose Half Her Size (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

She must have wanted to leave a lasting impression on Kanye West's tour in Australia, which is presumably why Kim Kardashian wore a red dress that hugged her body in all the right places for his final concert in Sydney over the weekend.

Aside from being incredible short, this frock really enhanced Kim's already famous curves even more. It must have been damn near next to impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her even though they were supposed to be concentrating on Kanye.

And apparently Kim loved her red hot look as well. She showed off a pic of herself in the dress on Instagram with the caption, "Devil in a new dress."


But here's where things get really weird. Somehow in the Instagram shot, Kim appears to have lost half her size, or close to it.

Here's the Instagram pic.

Now take a look at the shot alongside a paparazzi photo of her in the same dress, and then let's discuss what the hell is going on here.

Kim Kardashian

OMG. Huh?!? I know there was a report that popped up last week saying Kim lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks, but there's certainly no way she could've lost that much weight in a matter of hours, right?

Seriously, I know the Instagram photo is a little blurry, but Kim looks completely different in the two pics, to the point where even her face appears to be a totally different shape.

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And look at her legs, for crying out loud! They're like two sticks in the Instagram photo, people! Oh, I know Kim's waist is fairly tiny, but it looks totally disproportional to the rest of her bod in the shot, which is just plain weird.

I'm not flat out accusing her of altering the pic, but you have to admit, there's definitely something fishy going on here. Either Kim has figured out how to work a camera angle so she magically shrinks, or the gal in the Instagram pic is really a miniature, Barbie doll version of Kim that she's managed to make look like a human or whatever.

(Sorry. That's my best guess.)

Do you think Kim did something to alter this photo?


Images via Splash News; kimkardashian/Instagram

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