Kim Kardashian's Friends Expose Her Biggest Lies

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A new report (from Radar, so proceed with caution) is claiming that Kim Kardashian is losing her friends, thanks to the "Stepford Wife" transformation she's gone through since marrying Kanye West. According to the site, which claims to have spoken with an exclusive source, Kim's friends think she's a "robot and not the same person that she was even a few years ago." The insider apparently claims that Kim lies to her friends all the time about what she's doing, but winds up getting caught because, well, she's Kim Kardashian and her photo is snapped 9,756 times a day. "She tells her friends that she is busy all the time filming the show, but in reality, she is just with Kanye and does not want to tell us that," the source said.

Lying, of course, is never cool, but are these friends serious? Are they really annoyed that Kim -- who's a mom, might I remind you -- is hanging out with her husband? If that's the case, I think it might be time for Kim to get some new friends.


It's totally understandable that Kim's friends would be irritated or, at the very least, weirded out if she has in fact done a 180 and turned into a "Stepford Wife," as they're saying. And, again, lying? Not a good look. But if Kim really needs to make up lies to her "friends" instead of just telling them she's spending the night with her husband, doesn't sound like they were friends to begin with.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are some missing parts to this story, but going off of what we do know, it kind of seems like Kim's friends are seriously not understanding (or simply jealous of her). If Kim cut all of her old friends off since getting together with Kanye, that's pretty crappy of her, but on the flip side, if she just wants to spend most of her free time with Kanye and North, big deal? No friend should get mad at that.

Do you think it's wrong of Kim to kut off her friends since getting married/having a baby?


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