'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Amber Marchese Has a Seriously Upsetting Health Scare

amber marchese

Things got real on Sunday's episode of RHONJ. After going for a five-year check-up from when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Amber Marchese received an unsettling phone call from her doctor. Apparently, for years, Amber was told that everything looked great in terms of her health when she went for her check-ups. A simple "congratulations on your continued good health" was all she ever heard from her doctor. But after her most recent exam, she was told that the results were inconclusive and that she should come back in for more testing.

That's not something anyone ever wants to hear.


Bravo, evil geniuses that they are, of course ended the episode before we got to find out if Amber is okay. When we left off, though, she was, understandably, extremely shaken up about things, even cancelling her upcoming trip to Florida with the rest of the gang since she figured she wouldn't be able to relax. I'm thinking (read: hoping) we'll find out that everything is fine with her next week.

In terms of the rest of the episode, it was kind of a snoozer. We got to watch Teresa Aprea's husband, Rino, undergo a colonoscopy, so, um, that was fun? (He's fine, in case you're wondering.) And we also saw Teresa Giudice spill the beans to Dina Manzo about hearing that the reason for Rino and Teresa's divorce years ago was because he hooked up with her mother -- so you know something is going to come to a head with that soon.

I've gotta say, thus far, I haven't been super enthralled with Real Housewives of New Jersey this season -- but it does look like some pretty fantastic (IE, majorly dramatic) episodes are to come. Here's to hoping they do, because as much as I wish for Amber and Rino to have good health, watching them undergo medical procedures is certainly not why I tune into the show every Sunday.

Do you think Amber is okay? What have you thought of the season so far?


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