Kendall Jenner Bans Kim Kardashian from Her Runway Shows

Wherever Kim Kardashian roams, red carpets are rolled out for her -- doors burst open and business owners with dollar signs in their eyes welcome her with open arms. But there's one person who has the power to keep Kim out of the "in crowd:" her little sister Kendall.

The 18-year-old mannequin, who many are saying is set to become the next Victoria's Secret angel, made quite a splash at New York Fashion Week -- and will only continue on her road to success when she walks on runways in Paris, Milan and London. But the model is hellbent on creating a new name for herself -- one that has little to do with Kim and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Step number one in achieving her independence: rumor has it Kendall has told Kim to stay far away from what she loves most in the world: hobnobbing with celebs and checking out beautiful, expensive clothing. Yes, Kendall has banned Kim from attending her fashion shows.


Kendall has apparently confessed that Kim called her before she was set to take New York by storm and told her she had been invited to attend the shows. She actually asked her little sister if she wanted her there, which I think speaks highly of Kim.

Judging by the many photos of her pretty sibling that she has posted to her Instagram, it's obvious Kim is in awe of Kendall's accomplishments and supports her. She likely realizes Kendall is having a difficult time convincing certain designers, who want to keep the focus and conversation on their clothing, to book her because she's such a high-profile celeb. Kim knows that by showing up at Kendall's shows, ALL of the attention is going to be on her.

Kudos to Kim for respecting Kendall's wishes and giving her time to shine on her own.

Of course, we needn't cry for Kim. The reality show star is touring the world with Kanye and North West -- not a bad backup plan.

Do you think Kendall is right for asking Kim to stay away from her runway shows?


Image via kendalljenner/Instagram

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