Paris Hilton Spent $13,000 On a Puppy (VIDEO)

paris hilton puppyWhen people have a lot of money, they spend a lot of money. I get that. Well, I try to understand that at least. But I still feel that certain things shouldn't cost certain prices. For example, a shoebox-sized studio apartment should never cost $2000 a month, but there are places where this is the norm. And we (sort of) accept it and move on with our business focusing on clipping coupons and pinching pennies so we can afford our lifestyles whatever they may be. But then I hear of Paris Hilton purchasing a puppy for $13,000 and my brain nearly short-circuits.

It's an adorable Pomeranian. But why does cuteness cost $13,000? That puppy better poop diamonds. And he might. He's already being pampered, of course.


The little guy doesn't have a name yet and Paris is taking suggestions. This Pom was originally named Mr. Amazing, but she wants a different name. Tinkerbell is already taken by her Chihuahua. I'm going to suggest Peter Pan.  

The pup just moved here from South Korea. I don't think he had any baggage. Apparently some Canadian company arranges for these dogs to be shipped around the world to those who want them, which is why he cost so much money. I'll admit that I have no idea how this dog buying business works but it just seems preposterous that $13,000 is spent on getting a dog when there are about 13,000 other things that money can be better spent on. But ... her money, her business. 

What do you think about spending this much money on a dog?

Image via Paris Hilton/Instagram

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