Russell Crowe's 10-Year-Old Son Tells Off Dad in Public in Most Embarrassing Way (VIDEO)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe is known for his anger issues and it looks like his young son Charles might have inherited the A-list actor's tempermental personality. The father and son were watching a rugby match in Sydney, Australia when Russell's team managed to do whatever it is rugby players are supposed to do. Clapping and cheering, he leaned in to savor the celebratory moment with his 10-year-old spawn. And, yikes, that's when things went all wrong.


As the star of Gladiator leaned in to whisper something in his ear, Charles reels back and can clearly be seen mouthing, "Get out of my face!" Woahhhhhh nelly!

Hey, maybe Charles picked up that attitude at home? Russell has been known to throw a telephone when he isn't getting his way, after all. On the other hand, maybe Charles is just a growing boy beginning to test his independence and didn't want to be seen with Russell leaning into his face like a protective Daddy.

Check out the video:

Well, at least Russell didn't seem too perturbed by his son's rejection. That's all part of being a parent, after all. Kids do need to detach from their parent at some point if they're going to be able to have a healthy, independent existence, and parents need to accept that and not try to cling on and push the kids back into the pram.

It looked a little to me like Charles just wanted to enjoy the moment on his own and not have his father lean down and explain what was going on to him; he just wanted to be an adult for those few minutes. Granted, he could have been more respectful about it, but something tells me he's got a bit of dear old Dad in him.

Was Charles being disrespectful?


Image via Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Sport

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