Guess Which Royal Kate Middleton Might Name Her Baby After?

Kate Middleton and Prince William

If you were hoping for a little Princess Diana to join the monarchy next spring, you might not want to hold your breath for too long. While it would be almost perfect if Kate Middleton could name her future child after Prince William’s late mother, it looks like that’s not going to happen.

Instead, it looks like the royal couple might be naming their future bundle of joy after another member of the monarchy.


Now, we don’t know if the Duchess is carrying a boy or a girl since she just announced her pregnancy early this week, but I’m crossing my fingers (and my toes!) for a girl. Could you imagine a little royal baby girl? With Kate’s hair and Prince William’s eyes, she is going to be goooorgeous.

But as far as her moniker, though, she might be getting named after her great grandmother. According to the Daily Mirror, there’s a good chance that Wills and Kate will name their baby daughter Elizabeth (with 8 to 1 odds), Victoria, or Alexandra.

If Kate’s got a future rugby player in her oven, British bookies are saying that the lad will be named James (6 to 1 odds), Arthur, or after his grandfather, Charles (personally I'm not crazy about a Baby Charles).

While there’s no doubt that a baby Lizzy would be cute, I’d love to see Prince William and Kate Middleton snub tradition and name their future daughter Diana. Could you imagine what the Queen’s reaction would be? With all the bad blood between her and the late Princess Di, I’m sure she would be pissed.

What do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton will name their child?

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