Kim Kardashian Reportedly Loses 30 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks

Kim Kardashian

Um, we all knew she was cutting back on the carbs and amping up her workout sessions in order to shed some weight, but would you believe the National Enquirer is reporting that Kim Kardashian lost 30 pounds in a span of only 2 weeks?

I know. It sounds totally impossible, right?

I mean, Kim wasn't even overweight to begin with. If she truly did take 30 pounds off her already svelte frame, wouldn't she technically be a walking skeleton right about now?


Sure, low carb/calorie diets can be fairly effective if strictly followed, but they aren't exactly miracle workers, or at least not in such a short amount of time!

This photo of Kim was taken this week in Australia. Does she really look that much thinner than she has in recent weeks?

Kim Kardashian

No. No, she doesn't. Yeah, her waist looks pretty tiny, but it kind of always does in proportion to the rest of her bod, so I'm just not buying that she dropped 30 big ones.

Of course, the camera does add 10 pounds. Maybe she has taken off a decent amount of weight without anyone seeing her from afar really noticing?

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The only possible way Kim could've lost that much weight is by resorting to drastic measures, like lipo or some kind of surgery. But considering how on the go she's been lately, it's not like she would've had much time to recuperate.

Hmm. Unless she's either found some sort of magic potion that takes off the pounds overnight, or she's managed to invent shapewear that makes you lose half your size, something tells me Kim probably lost closer to 3 pounds than 30.

Does Kim look 30 pounds lighter to you?


Image via Splash News

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