Kate Middleton's Famous Friend Gives Her Ridiculous Baby Advice

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Whether you're pregnant with your first, second, or twentieth baby, well-meaning friends who have been there, done that will have advice for you -- and Kate Middleton and Prince William are no exception.


Recently, during New York Fashion Week, the Duke and Duchess' good friend, David Beckham, doled out some advice for the royal couple on becoming the parents of two, and although his sentiment was very sweet, it really isn't anything the Duke and Duchess will be able to adhere to. I mean, we all love you, David, but this advice is actually quite ridiculous.

Beckham said:

William I've known for quite a few years and William is ... such a great person and such a great dad, and Catherine's exactly the same, you know, she's a great mum. And obviously, with the commitments that they have, you know, to be a great mum and dad is pretty incredible. But they definitely need to get some more sleep before this little one arrives.

Oh. Okay. That's all? Just get some sleep. No problem on that one, David! Kate and William will get right on that. In fact, why didn't they think of this themselves?! Genius!

Okay, so I'm being a bit sarcastic, and clearly Beckham, who has known Prince William for a long time, is just trying to be supportive. But the notion of the Duke and Duchess -- or any parents of a small child -- just "getting some more sleep" is a little ridiculous. If only things were that easy.

No doubt, William and Kate, like all expecting parents, will be on the receiving end of "second baby advice" throughout this pregnancy -- be it from friends, relatives, random bloggers, or David Beckham. But as with their first, they're just going to have to figure things out for themselves and see what works best for their family.

That, and have a couple nannies and Carole Middleton ready and willing to help out.

Do you think Kate and William will have more help the second time around?


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