The Secret Kate Middleton Shouldn't Have Kept From the Queen

Kate Middleton

Tsk tsk. Kate Middleton’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth might have just taken a turn for the worst. Apparently, the Duchess kept her pregnancy news so well hidden that she only told her family members 24 hours before announcing it to the world.

With the Queen expecting to know everything that is going on in Buckingham Palace, there is no doubt that she was just as shocked -- if not irate -- to find out about the pregnancy news so late. Will this lead to bad blood between the two?


According to Hollywood Life, there’s a good chance that Prince William and pregnant Kate kept their big news hush hush so they could enjoy a few weeks of their pregnancy to themselves. After all, the whole world shook with excitement the moment we found out, right? While we found out about the news on Monday, the royal family found out over the weekend:

The Queen and Prince Philip were given the good news on Sunday morning. William and Kate told their parents the news this weekend.

Let's be real here: when you’ve got a spare to the heir cooking in your oven, this is no ordinary baby we’re talking about. The Queen should know what’s going on in Kate’s womb, as he or she is most likely going to be her future successor. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pissed.

Plus, the royal couple took a pretty big risk taking public transportation during their little jaunt a week ago. I mean, could you imagine if something happened while Kate was carrying her baby? Since she really doesn’t have anything else on her plate right now, it looks like extending the royal family line is her one and only job. Girlfriend should be following protocol and alerting those who need to be in the know, too. Whether she likes it or not, this isn’t just her baby we’re talking about ... but the monarchy’s baby, too.

Do you think Kate Middleton did the right thing by hiding her pregnancy from her family?

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