Apollo Nida Causes More Trouble for Phaedra Parks Before Reporting to Prison

apollo nida

As if the fact that he is going to be locked away for eight years for identity theft and fraud wasn't embarrassing enough, Apollo Nida couldn't even report to prison without causing more trouble. He was supposed to turn himself in Wednesday to begin serving his sentence but failed to show up. Instead, he headed to wife Phaedra Parks' home to pick a fight before finally complying with his sentence the next day.


The entire argument was caught on RHOA cameras -- much to Bravo's delight, I'm sure. "It was such a surprise, because he showed up while he was already supposed to be behind bars at a federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky," a source told People magazine.

He was reportedly upset because Phaedra had refused to put money into his prison account. Anyone who has seen Orange Is the New Black knows that if a convict doesn't have cash in their account, they can't even buy basic necessities from the commissary. It also leaves them pretty powerless when it comes to buying friends and favors.

According to witnesses, Apollo forced his way into the house, screamed at Phaedra, and started throwing things into a bag. What things, we do not know. But sources say this isn't his first tantrum about money. He reportedly used to go to her office demanding cash.

Though I can see why she is reluctant to give him a dime at this point. He has spent the last couple months of freedom boozing it up at strip clubs and partying. Certainly not moves that endear you to your wife. Clearly, their marriage has been strained for a long time, as insiders say he has always had trouble dealing with Phaedra's success as a lawyer. Perhaps that is what led him to commit bank fraud and identify theft in the first place?

Such a sad situation. You have to wonder what this means for poor Phaedra. The self-professed southern belle is obviously mortified. Now she has to raise two boys all by herself.

Are you surprised by the way Apollo behaved?


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