Brooks Ayers May Be Even Worse for Vicki Gunvalson Than We Thought

vicki gunvalsonFans of Real Housewives of Orange County are going to get very upset about the latest involving Vicki Gunvalson's on-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Hard to imagine that there could be more or worse, but there is. Though we should brace ourselves and expect Vicki to defend him even though Brooks has verbally abused her and even glorified domestic violence when he called her a "f*&king whore" and said he should "beat her ass." Let's also not forget he's a deadbeat dad and there were rumors he used Vicki for her money. Reality at its worst.

The latest on Brooks involves a cheating scandal and hookers.


It must be noted that the gossip on Brooks is coming from The National Enquirer and was reported by Radar Online. But there is supposedly audio and video. What is with Brooks that he is constantly being taped?!

It was reported that he says that he's "been known to cheat." Okay. That doesn't mean he was cheating on Vicki. But he's also caught on tape saying that he cannot remember if he cheated on Vicki or not. How does a person not remember? Does he have no soul? Apparently he has been unfaithful so often that all the exploits get rolled into one confusing bundle of scandal. Ayers also is said to have admitted he paid up to $400 for a night with a prostitute named Katrina. He also was in rehab for sex addiction back in 2006.

I'm all for forgiveness, but if this is true, this is troublesome.

What do you think? Are you upset Vicki is with Brooks? Should she trust him?


Image via Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram

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