Justin Bieber Gets Booed & Has Weirdest Reaction Ever (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber can't catch a break. When he took the stage at last night's Fashion Rocks event, the pop star was mercilessly booed. You might expect him to curse at the crowd, give them the finger, and stomp off, but the Biebs had a totally unexpected reaction. He used his abs against his haters. Sounds weird, I know. Watch for yourself.


He took the stage to introduce singer Rita Ora wearing a blue coat, black tank, and dark jeans, but left it in nothing but Calvin Klein briefs. It was a move that would have made Marky Mark proud.

He's no Zac Efron but he's definitely moved beyond that pre-pubescent, scrawny kid phase. He is clearly desperate to evolve his style and reputation, but the world seems to be over him ... at least in the United States. Former fans and haters are so put off by the pop star, they are trying to get the native Canadian deported.

In a recent poll by Meetville.com, people were asked, "Should the U.S. deport Justin Bieber?" A whopping 59 percent agreed that he should be ousted. Talk about harsh. I mean, there are way worse stars out there.

But his foes have serious beef. They claim that the government has given him special treatment because "ordinary immigrants have been deported for crimes less serious as faced by Bieber." You may recall, he has been involved in cases of vandalism and assault in the past year. Is Bieber really that much of a threat to society? Yes, he's rich and annoying, but so are a lot of other people. And since this probably isn't high on the list of to-dos for the immigration folks, the Bieber-bashers will just have to deal.

Do you think Justin Bieber should be deported?

Image via Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Three Lions Entertainment

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