Basketball Star Jeremy Lin Pretends He's a Wax Statue & Freaks Everyone Out (VIDEO)

With all the negative press being given to, ahem, certain football stars, it's refreshing to hear about a sports hero who doesn't take himself so seriously and actually seems like a guy you'd love to know.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin is that guy. The 26-year-old Harvard grad and NBA favorite was recently honored by Madame Tussauds wax museum in San Francisco, which erected an (obviously) super-tall wax statue that looks a heck of a lot like him. So much like him, in fact, that Lin saw the chance to play a hilarious prank on innocent fans -- and even his own mom and uncle -- and, like a true basketball star, took the ball and ran with it.


In this adorable and funny video, museum visitors approach what they assume is a wax figure of Lin, who is sitting on a chair holding a basketball. Their reactions are priceless as he suddenly looks up and flashes them a huge grin.

Even Lin's mother and uncle get in on the action and, not realizing it's him, hold up a phone to try and take a selfie with what they must believe is the BEST statue EVER created in the history of art. Needless to say, they are pretty shocked and thrilled to discover their flesh and blood can hold a darn convincing pose -- and his breath -- for a very long time.

Check it out:

Do you think Lin makes a convincing statue? Would you have fallen for this trick?


Image via jlin7/Instagram

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