The Real Reason Why Taylor Swift Hates Katy Perry

katy perryThere are always going to be feuds in the world of rock and roll. Metallica and Megadeth. Creed versus everyone ever. Jack White verses The Black Keys. And now we have Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry. Of course, the definition of rock and roll has swayed quite a bit there, but like Taylor sings, "haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." And it seems that Taylor is one of the haters.

Let's dissect this rivalry. Even though Tay and Katy seem like night and day, they both shared a love for the one and only John Mayer. Which seems completely out there. Mayer clearly doesn't have a type. To be able to dance around in that guy's head for a day would be a delight. But what's fueling the feud between Swift and Perry even more is some thievery. Yes, thievery!


We could surmise the thievery first began when Katy began dating Mayer after Taylor did. Because of course it did -- you can't be just out of your teens and that well adjusted that you take breakups in stride and not hate on the new girlfriend. Unless you are one of those kinds of teens without the emotion thing. Clearly, Tay is not. Maybe Tay expected John to write a song about her and beg for her back. Just like Jake Gyllenhaal did minus the song until she finally had to sing "we are never getting back together like ever" for the umpteenth time. When that didn't happen, and John took up with Katy, it was Katy hating time.

Apparently Katy was super smiley and nice to Taylor whenever they would run into each other at the places megastars run into each other -- award shows and such. But that just made Taylor suspicious and wonder if Katy was being real or a fake. Because as we all know she also sings in "Shake It Off," "fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake." Which gets me thinking about this line in the same song:

My ex-man brought his new girlfriend / She's like "Oh, my god!" but I'm just gonna shake.

IS THAT EX MAN MAYER AND THE NEW GIRLFRIEND KATY?!?!?! I think so! Pass the popcorn! This is an after-school special of the finest variety!

Taylor is being a bit hypocritical though. She's not shaking anything off. She's holding a grudge and a big one. With the Katy-hating, it's the shared boyfriend thing, the fake thing, and it's also the stealing her dancers thing that is keeping this nasty-lite feud alive in the sweetest way. Everything Taylor does has a little sugar on top; we all know Katy prefers whipped cream. Plus, Katy roars, so look out Tay!

This dancer thievery issue has some holes in the theory. These three dancers worked with Katy first. Her tour ended and they went to work with Swift supposedly telling Taylor's peeps that this is a short gig and they're leaving for Katy once her tour started up again. That's what happened (they say), but now Taylor's all mad about it and all of this leads us to the writing of the song "Bad Blood," which is all about Katy stealing people from Taylor. A boyfriend and three dancers. And if you ask me, "Shake It Off" references Katy, too. 

Shake it off, Taylor. Shake. It. Off. Also, Tay, maybe talk to Lena Dunham for advice.

What do you think of the Swift/Perry feud?


Image via Katy Perry/Instagram

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