Kate Middleton Reveals How Many Kids She Plans to Have -- & It's a Lot

kate middleton

Now that Kate Middleton has announced her pregnancy, all sorts of rumors and gossip are bound to hit the Internet and rag mags across the world (more so than usual). In the upcoming months, expect to see headlines like, Kate's Having Twins!; William & Kate Are Trying for Baby #3 While She's Still Pregnant With Baby #2!; The Queen Will Be Delivering the Duchess' Child! Most of it will be just poppycock, but once in a while, a piece of gossip comes along that's kind of hard to ignore. The news of how many kids Kate wants (and by when) falls into that category, if you ask me.

According to a source, Kate wants ...


... three kids by the time she's 35. She's 32 now, which would mean she and Prince William would be getting busy not too long after their second child is born. According to reports, the reason the Duke and Duchess decided to have their second so close to their first is so they can have yet another in a few years. Apparently, William would be okay with two kids, being that he's only one of two, but Kate supposedly would like three since she grew up with two siblings -- a brother and a sister.

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Again, this, of course, is just gossip, and hearing about baby number three when we just found out about baby number two is a little ridiculous. But, for whatever reason, I could totally see this as being true. And, secretly, I hope it is true. Royals always seem to stop at two. Break the mold, Kate. Have a whole brood running around Kensington Palace!

Do you think William and Kate will have one or two more?


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