Kim Kardashian's Ice Bucket Challenge Shows a Side of Her We've Never Seen (VIDEO)

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When Sarah Jessica Parker nominated Kim Kardashian for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it definitely was a little odd that the reality star didn't accept. After all, she was supposedly a die-hard fan of Parker's, and, well, opting out of something fun for charity just isn't a good look. But lo and behold, Kim had a plan up her sleeve all along. Her Ice Bucket Challenge was going to be televised on Ellen. I mean, we shouldn't have expected anything less, right?

A few days ago, Kim posted a photo of herself to Instagram right before Ellen was about to dump a bucket of freezing cold water on her head. But now we get to see the real deal. Kim was a good sport for letting the talk show host drench her with water on national TV, but you can tell that Kim definitely doesn't love what transpires. (Who would?)

Check out Kim's Ice Bucket Challenge:


It's so nice to see this side of Kim, as she normally isn't one to poke fun at herself or, you know, "joke around." It seems like every time we see her, she's making model face in a selfie or hiding behind dark sunglasses. This is refreshing and I'd love to see Kim like this more often -- although anyone else think she was oddly engrossed in her phone during the bit? I mean, not only was she having a bucket of water dumped over her head, she was on national television; would it have killed her to have put down the phone?

Anyway, glad Kim finally took on the challenge. I was beginning to think she wasn't going to do it. Now we've just gotta see Khloe and Kourtney, who also were nominated, do it, also. Come on, girls. If Kim can do it, surely you can, too.

What do you think of Kim's Ice Bucket Challenge?


Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube

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