'GQ' Slams Kim Kardashian In Rudest Possible Way

Kim KardashianHeh. You know how Kim Kardashian was recently named "Woman of the Year" by British GQ? Well now US GQ is facing its own PR nightmare over the choice, because apparently us Yanks really don't agree with the choice.

I had to giggle a little bit at the American magazine's Twitter account this week, as they've had to defend themselves against angry fans who think that they've bestowed an undeserved honor upon Kim Kardashian.



GQ US is not British GQ, and they do not give awards to Kim Kardashian -- even if a number of people think they are and they do.

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People have been tweeting at the magazine saying things like they made "an error in judgment." One user wrote, "I held y’all to a higher standard that’s all. Woman of the year!? For what?" That person is obviously not aware of how amazing it actually is that a woman who got her start by having a nice ass and a sex tape has ended up so stinkin' rich. It's almost like a miracle, really.

Hehe. Sorry. I shouldn't laugh. But I can't help it.

Do you think it's a good idea for US GQ to distance itself from Kim Kardashian?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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