Kim Kardashian May Be Lying About Wanting More Kids

Kim KardashianThere's no doubt that Kim Kardashian loves being a mom, but we all know she hated being pregnant. She made no secret of that. So what's up with this latest confession? Kim revealed that she and Kanye want "three or four" kids! She told Ellen DeGeneres:

I don't think [I'd have] six, but maybe three or four -- I go back and forth.

Hm, Kim, why not get to number two or three before deciding if you're going to spit out that fourth, eh?


While Kim was cursed with what seemed like the worst pregnancy of all time, perhaps she'll get lucky and have an easy one the second time around. Often it happens like that -- one pregnancy is a total nightmare, another a total breeze.

As for taking care of four kids? Well, Kim says she was actually "surprised" by how much work one was! Seriously, Kim?! You have a billion nannies and have flown to more places in North West's first year than the actual airline did. If you think THAT was hard, how you going to handle three more?

I don't know because Kim even gripes about how much hard work watching Nori and Kourtney's two kids was, saying:

I just went to San Diego to give my pregnant sister a break. I took care of my niece, nephew, and my daughter. To bathe them -- all three -- feed them, get them in their pajamas and down for bed, I was literally crying!

Hmmm. Well, I suspect Keeks bathing and bedding down three kids was just for camera purposes, given that surely Kourtney already has people helping her. But still, Kim, if three is such a problem for one night, how about forever?!

Anyway, I think we all know Kim is rich enough to afford nannies and other help, so if she wants to have 20 kids, she'll do it. But unfortunately she has to give birth to them herself unless she hires a surrogate and the haters would never let her live that down. But I just can't believe she wants this many kids after she lived through the horror of North's gestation. I mean, she was even urging Khloe to use a surrogate or adopt.

Sounds like she's just kind of saying she wants a passel 'cause she thinks she should. Seriously, Kim, one is okay. So is two. Give yourself a break.

Do you think Kim will really have that many kids?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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