Kim Kardashian Practically Begs for a Nip Slip in Super Low-Cut Top (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Whoa. It sure looks like somebody wants to make sure she's noticed while on tour with Kanye West in Australia. During an appearance on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian wore a low-cut top that's seriously lower than most of the cleavage-exposing outfits she's worn in the past.

Her bosoms were clearly on display, and the risk of a wardrobe malfunction happening in this thing had to be pretty darn high.

Alas, that didn't stop Kim from posing for a photo with a fan, but then freaking out in the next minute and making the fan delete and retake said photo, you know, because it showed a little too much of her.


Kim Kardashian

Um, what the heck kind of angle was the picture taken from? It seems impossible for Kim's top to be any more revealing than it already is, so the photo must have been a real doozie for her to request that it be deleted.

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Hmm. Wonder if the fan was annoyed?

And aside from her crazy plunging neckline, check out how short Kim's leather skirt is! Damn. Her legs are looking hotter than ever these days, which can probably be credited to the fact that she's stepped up her gym sessions a bit in an effort to shed a few more pounds. (That she really doesn't need to lose. Whatever.)

But let's get back to the top. Um, if you're going put your girls out there for the world to see, it might be a good idea to refrain from having your picture taken altogether. Just because she was able to filter one fan's photo doesn't mean someone else didn't unintentionally capture a little more than they bargained for.

Do you think Kim looks sexy in this outfit?


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