Katy Perry Basically Admits She’s Subject of Taylor Swift Song

Taylor SwiftWas it only yesterday that we were trying to figure out who Taylor Swift was talking about in her song "Bad Blood"? Taylor gave an interview to Rolling Stone admitting her song was about a famous frenemy whose double-edged comments made her wonder if they were more enemy than friend.

But then enemy status was solidly confirmed when the mystery woman tried to "sabotage an entire arena tour" of Taylor's. Fans speculated that the saboteur in question could be Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, or even BFF (??) Selena Gomez. Well ... we may have our answer about who it is, and not because of DNA evidence ... but a telling tweet.


Yesterday, Katy Perry tweeted:

This reference to Regina George (the ultimate mean girl) fueled massive speculation bordering on absolute certainty that Katy had just outed herself as Taylor's nemesis.

Besides the obvious connection between the two -- they both dated John Mayer -- fans in the know have pointed out that some of Taylor's backup dancers left her midtour to gyrate behind Perry instead. One of those dancers described Taylor as "untouchable" and preferred Katy's looser style. You know how singers are like mother hens with their dancers and get really possessive about them (watch this weirdness unfold in Madonna's Truth or Dare).

So, anyway, there ya have it, folks. It appears Taylor and Katy don't like each other. Or Katy Perry was smart enough to put out that tweet to make everyone think the song is about her just to generate some free publicity.

Taylor knows what she's doing too. Imagine if she'd wrote some song about some anonymous pal she'd known since the eighth grade. Yeah, you'd have to imagine because it's not going to happen. Taylor knew damn well she'd have to make a frenemy song about someone famous and then drop hints about who it was. Gah, Taylor, you are an evil little genius.

Do you think the song is about Katy?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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