Juliette Lewis Recalls Dating Brad Pitt & Likens Him to Her Junior High Boyfriend

Juliette LewisReminder -- Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt used to date back in the day. I know! I forgot too. I mean, we are talking pre-Gwyneth Paltrow here, and while Brad does maintain a certain ageless quality, it's been a few years.

Anyway, the Kelly and Cal actress recently stopped by HuffPost Live, and ended up dishing about her four years spent in coupledom with Brad. And she somehow managed to be both gracious, and liken him to her junior high boyfriend. Yeah, my junior high boyfriend was nothing like Brad Pitt. Just saying.


Lewis was shown some old pics of her and her very former flame, and all she could do was laugh.

"This is what I love about old photos," she confessed. "I was wearing his shirt and some random pants from my closet. I love that there was no styling … it's like when you look back at old Oscar pictures and people are wearing ruffle prom dresses."

And because Brad did just marry his decade-long partner of 10 years and co-parent of six kids, of course she got asked about that, and her history with the hunky actor.

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"He did get married and how awesome is that," she said with a certain amount of grace, before going on to admit, "Whenever I get asked about the Brad questions, I'm like, 'Do you want to talk about Rodney? … My 7th grade crush? Cause that was my boyfriend too.'"

OK, I get where she's coming from. It's hard when people care more about your old relationships than your current projects. I think she handled this as well as she could -- with a dollop of humor and a whole lot of self-respect.

Do you think Juliette Lewis is wise to keep mostly mum about her four years spent dating Brad Pitt?


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