'RHONJ' Recap: The Cast's Reaction to Joe & Teresa Giudices' Court Date Isn't What You'd Expect

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On Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe Giudice had their (first) day in court. If you've been following the case, the episode likely didn't show too much of what you haven't already read and heard about. But it did give us a glimpse of how Teresa has been handling everything she's been going through, as well as how the other women reacted to hearing about the Giudices' "legal snafu." Spoiler alert: The only person who seems like she's Teresa's true friend is Dina Manzo.


I'm sure a lot of this was the work of Bravo, but the cameras happened to catch all of the ladies "stumbling upon" news about Joe and Teresa heading to court online. Joe and Melissa Gorga obviously were already in the loop on things, so instead of filming them reading some breaking news article, the cameras got them casually hanging out in their room with the TV on (because, you know, the Housewives' TVs are always on) when suddenly a news report about the case flashed on their screen. "Totally disgusted," Melissa just wanted the show off. But by and far, the most insane reaction to hearing about Joe and Teresa was that of Amber Marchese. After hearing the news, she called up Teresa, hysterically crying out of concern. Even Teresa was confused by Amber's over-the-top reaction. It was incredibly bizarre and, to be totally honest, a little disingenuous-seeming.

The only person who didn't make mention of what was going on to Teresa was Dina. Instead of asking her a million questions, etc., she sensed that her friend didn't want to talk about things, so she just left it be. Classy, if you ask me.

From what I've heard, Bravo is going to resume filming when Joe and Teresa have their hearing in a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see how everyone -- especially Teresa and Joe -- handles things then. My guess is Teresa's castmates won't behave much differently than they did in Sunday's episode. Clearly, they're just as fascinated with the case as everyone else.

What did you think of Amber crying? Kind of odd, no?


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