Kim Kardashian Takes Selfie While Ellen Forces Her to Do Ice Bucket Challenge (PHOTO)

Sorry, folks, we'll all have to wait one more day to see Kim Kardashian get onboard the celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon (a little late, no?). That's because Ellen DeGeneres had the honor of pouring a big ole bucket of cold water over her perfect hair and we'll all be able to see it happen when Season 12 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show premieres on Sept. 8.

In the meantime, we get the next best thing: a horrified, frightened Kim just seconds away from having her makeup ruined for a good cause. But, what's that we see in her hand? Ah, of course, a phone. Because the fact that she's being filmed by Ellen's people isn't enough?


In a preview clip posted to Instagram, Ellen can be seen gleefully lifting a heavy bucket of ice water. Kim, dressed in head-to-toe white, places a hand over her mouth and shrieks, "Oh my God, I don't even want to see this happening to me!" before snapping a selfie.

The star, whom you get the feeling takes herself a little too seriously, was a good sport about it -- you have to admit. I was wondering why she hadn't taped herself performing the Ice Bucket Challenge yet, but then chalked it up to her probably not wanting to be seen with soaking-wet hair.

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I'm happy to see I was wrong.

You can view a teaser clip from the show here and then imagine how long it will take Kim to get over the shock of looking slightly less than perfect for 45 seconds.

Why do you think it took so long for Kim to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram, theellenshow/Instagram

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