Ariana Grande Moving Way Too Fast With 'Glee' Star's Ex

ariana grandeIf you recall, Glee's Naya Rivera and Big Sean broke up in April. They were engaged just five months ago. Rivera is already married to someone else -- actor Ryan Dorsey. That was fast. Now we're learning that Big Sean must get that "big" moniker from the size of his heart -- he's now in love with Ariana Grande. Can't blame him.

Ari and Big S are rumored to be moving FAST. Not sure if it's the lightning speed that Sean's ex likes to move at, but there are some serious love bubbles bursting all around these two who collaborated on a song called Best Mistake.


We can of course draw the wildest conclusions from that, but it's clear these two have been "friends" for some time now and they can no longer deny the love that they feel for each other. They first worked on a song together last year. Or maybe it was all innocent -- they knew they always liked each other but just didn't realize how much.

Let's remember that Ariana is 21; Big Sean is 26 and has an ex-fiance. I'm all for moving at the speed of whatever feels right, but I'm thinking these two should be happily dating for a while before anything major happens. Ariana and her ex Jai Brooks just broke up LAST MONTH.

Think these two should take it slow?


Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram

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