Jake Gyllenhaal's Mom Was Very Concerned About His Extreme Weight Loss

jake gyllenhaalWe tend to not worry about Jake Gyllenhaal. There is something about him that screams I'll be fine. No Taylor Swift song about me is going to make me question myself. The man has confidence. He seems like the type who can easily shrug things off. But when someone's mom starts worrying, we know something is going on. Yep, Jake's mom got worried about Jake.

He lost a lot of weight recently -- 30 pounds in fact -- and it had his mother very concerned. He seemed to be withering away.


The extreme weight loss was for a movie called Nightcrawler coming out on October 31st. He put his body through the ringer for the flick. On the weight loss, Jake said:

... I'd say my mother was worried. I would say she just wanted me to be careful. But she also knew and knows how seriously I take what I do and she respects that. She knows that I'm a big boy and I could handle myself and that I would stay within the realm of being safe, but yes, she worried. She'd be like, 'You're cranky—eat something.'

It's sweet to hear about how Jake and his mom are to each other -- clearly they have a strong bond. And as we know, moms are always going to worry no matter how old we get. (I wonder how she felt about all the Swift incidents.)

Jake's co-star Rene Russo also admitted that she was concerned about Jake's health. She said, "It's incredible what he put his body through. I actually was worried."

It's clear he has put the pounds back on ... along with a very healthy beard. 

Do you think it's dangerous for celebs to put their bodies through extreme weight loss for a role?


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