Kim Kardashian's Latest 'Celfie' Makes Her Look Like a Sexy Alien (PHOTO)

I thought I had seen it all when it came to Kim Kardashian and her gravity-defying butt/boobs combo. To be honest, I don't keep up with plastic surgery gossip and have no idea what mom Kris gave her and what she bought in a laboratory -- but it all looks good -- so, if it is fake, she certainly got her money's worth.

I couldn't help but marvel at the latest selfie -- or "celfie," as she posted -- on her Instagram. She pretty much looks like a sexy fembot from the Austin Powers films. If there's a such thing as alien chic, she's got it down.


Here's the latest in Kim style:

You can't even call this neckline "plunging" because there IS NO neckline to speak of on this dress. Not sure if the material is patent leather, pleather, or vinyl, but I can't imagine how sweaty and hot she must feel in this number.

But her outfit isn't what truly stands out: it's the cleavage. The cleavage just keep outdoing itself. There's no place left for Kim to go from here.

And can we talk about her bra situation? As in, what bra situation is there?? Does she wear one? How does it push everything to the front and leave not a single trace of itself? Kim -- release your lingerie secret and help sell thousands of bras in seconds.

She's gorgeous. She's ridiculous. And this selfie ("celfie") is SO quintessential Kim.

What do you think of Kim's dress here? Does she expose too much cleavage? 


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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