'Little People, Big World' Star Is Getting Married -- SOON!

Jeremy RoloffIt's not going to be a long engagement for Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff and his fiance Audrey Botti. The couple announced their engagement just last may, and now Us Weekly has confirmed their wedding date is right around the corner on September 20.

Holy moly! That's pretty quick. And it seems as though the couple, whose engagement was aired just last week on the season 10 premiere, is still scrambling with wedding details.


"We're picking lots of flowers for the wedding, picking out table settings, but we're actually not doing a cake," Jeremy revealed. "We're doing little cobblers, which was a fun decision that we both loved…People keep saying, 'Oh, you're not having cake?' And we're like. 'Yup, that's us!'"

Matt and Amy Roloff's son doesn't seem to mind the craziness though. He told Us, "I just knew," of his bride-to-be, whom he met on a blind date. He continued, "I met her and we just vibed so well and we were really great friends. It's easy to be with her; but I'm also super challenged by her and I feel very supported by her."

He added, "It's really fun to be able to do [the planning] with her. The wedding really feels like us!"

Aww! How sweet are they? And it seems like they're not letting Matt and Amy's split get in the way of their happiness. The couple called it quits last March after 26 years of marriage. They have three other children who are all featured in the reality show -- Jeremy's twin brother Zach, 23, Molly, 20, and Jacob, 17.

We're sure they'll play a part in the wedding, which hopefully will be filmed for TLC! What can we say? We love weddings.

Do you think there's added pressure on couples who appear on reality shows?


Image via Audrey Botti/Instagram

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