10 Hot Stars Who Just Can't Keep Their Clothes On

Kiri Blakeley | Sep 5, 2014 Celebrities

Celebrities love clothes. Probably because they get most of them for free. Hell, I'd love them too if that were the case. They love dressing up, dressing down, and undressing. For some celebs, however, clothes aren't really their thing. At least not unless those clothes show more skin than cover it. There are people who overdress for every occasion, and those who underdress. These celebs are firmly in the "underdress" category. In fact, not a day goes by that they don't seem to forget some article of clothing. Here are 10 celebs who just can't seem to keep clothes on.

  • Miley Cyrus



    If it's anything we know Miley doesn't like, it's clothes. This is a girl who would feel overdressed in a bra and thong. Her aversion to clothes culminated in her video for "Wrecking Ball," in which she donned a wrecking ball ... and nothing else.

  • Rihanna



    Who needs clothes when you've got a body like Rihanna? She doesn't, obvs! Rihanna seems positively angry when she's wearing a few articles of clothing. Set her free of her shackles of fabric, however, and she's happy as a naked baby in bathwater.

  • Kim Kardashian



    Kim Kardashian rose to fame without her clothes, and she seems determined to hold onto her popularity by keeping them as far away from her as possible. Neither husband nor baby will keep her from posing nude for pretty much anyone who asks -- such as British GQ.

  • Rita Ora


    The singer and Fifty Shades of Grey star feels right at home with little clothing on. Guess I would too if I had those abs!

  • Kendall Jenner



    As a model, Kendall is comfortable in all kinds of designer clothing. But, seriously, not a day goes by that she's not stripping it all off for some photo shoot or Instagram shot.

  • Courtney Stodden



    Teen bride Courtney Stodden and clothes just do.not.mix.

  • Lady Gaga



    Sure, she's famous for her wacky outfits. But she just as much prefers no outfit at all.

  • Katy Perry



    Katy Perry has some of the best natural boobs in the biz, so it's no wonder she's always so eager to show them off.

  • Cara Delevingne



    The last time Cara Delevingne bought a bra was ... oh, who are we kidding? She doesn't own one!

  • Heidi Klum



    The older Heidi Klum has gotten, the less clothes she's wanted to put on. And, hey, why not?