Kate Gosselin Refuses to Give Jon What He Doesn't Deserve

Kate GosselinJon Gosselin, you've gone too far this time. Sure, there was that time you shot at a photographer. And the time you called your ex-wife an "asshole" in the press. And those billion other times you insulted her. But keep your mitts off Kate's money! RadarOnline reports that Jon, who last we knew wasn't paying child support because he makes no money, wants to grab a share of Kate's paycheck for her upcoming TLC Kate Plus 8 specials. Nuh-uh, honey!


An "insider" tells the gossip site that Jon is resorting to all kinds of shenannies to get Kate to give him a cut of things:

He has no stable job, no steady income, and now he's trying to tell Kate that if she doesn’t give him a cut of the money, he will claim the kids hate filming and they are being forced to do it.

But I think we all know by now that Kate will not be cowed. Says the alleged insider:

Kate has absolutely no intentions whatsoever of giving him any money. He doesn’t have any right to it anyways!

Wow, pretty ballsy for a guy who gave up all parental rights so he wouldn't have to pay child support. What makes him think he has a right to any of Kate's dough if she's the one shelling out for the kids' upkeep?

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Not to mention that I doubt she got a cut of his appearance on Couple's Therapy. And aren't these the same specials Jon was supposedly "furious" Kate was allowing the kids to film? (Perhaps the furor dies down if Jon gets a cut.)

Well, who knows if this rumor is true. Hopefully Jon hasn't sunk that low.

Do you think he should get a slice of Kate's salary?


Image via Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment

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