Aviva Drescher Fired From 'RHONY' -- Not Even Her Leg Could Save Her

aviva drescher

Well, this is an absolute shock! Said no one. It's been reported that Aviva Drescher has been fired from The Real Housewives of New York after only two (really bizarre) seasons. News about Bravo letting Drescher go has been buzzing around for quite some time now, but a source (not Bravo) recently confirmed the news to Us Weekly.

From the beginning of this past season, it seems like Drescher sensed her imminent departure from the show. Not only did she, literally, turn herself into a completely different person from the one she portrayed on the prior season, she pulled out some insanely ridiculous stops in what seemed like a last-ditch effort to save her spot. Um, bookgate, anyone? Or throwing her leg across Le Cirque after rolling in with a folder full of X-rays? It was a valiant effort, Aviva, but sadly, Bravo (and most RHONY fans) saw through the guise. Who throws a leg? Honestly! (Shout out to any Austin Powers fans out there.)


After this year's finale aired, Drescher spoke to Us Weekly and didn't seem the slightest bit embarrassed about her behavior during the episode. "I think me getting angry and throwing my leg on the table was really funny and crazy," she said. "I get a hoot out of it. But of course, I was definitely brought to the end of my rope, or the end of my leg so to speak." I'm wondering if now that she's been let go, she'll have any regrets as to how she acted this season. Like I said, it sort of seemed like her over-the-top behavior was strictly for the cameras and simply to be asked back for another season. Is she sorry she accused Carole Radziwill of being a fraud or that she tossed her prosthetic leg in a fancy restaurant now?

Either way, Drescher's departure is definitely for the best, and, to be completely frank, I think a good chunk of the RHONY cast could afford to go. This season was a snooze-fest; I think it's high-time Bravo stock up on some new blood. Off to a good start, though.

Are you surprised (or sad) to see Aviva go?


Image via Aviva Drescher/Instagram

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