Giant Mutant Spider Dog Prank Is Horrifyingly Amazing (VIDEO)

giant mutant spider dog
I love dogs, but I really really REALLY hate spiders. I enjoy great practical jokes that scare the daylights out of the victims, but I don't like the idea of a setup that can possibly backfire and result in an animal being injured. I like legitimate pranks as opposed to videos in which all the participants are in on the joke. Which is all to say I feel a little conflicted about the giant mutant spider dog prank that's going viral right now.

But you know what, I'm choosing to embrace this video. I'm choosing to believe the people involved were really as frightened as they seem to be, and that the dog was never in danger of being stomped flat by an aggressive arachnophobe. Most of all, I'm choosing to love the Giant Mutant Spider Dog for what she is: absolutely terrifying yet hilariously adorable.


As far as hidden camera pranks go, this video created by Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega goes above and beyond with dramatic sound effects and plenty of cheesy (but possibly scary at night?) props. The dog, known on Facebook as Chica the DogSpider, is dressed in a seriously creepy spider costume and sent out after unsuspecting victims, and the results are exactly as awesome as you'd think.

Take a look:

HAAAAAA. I love the guy who gets trapped in the "web" as Chica cheerfully trots alongside him on the stairway. The giant spider just wants belly rubs, mister! PET THE GIANT SPIDER. PET IT.

Assuming the reactions weren't faked, I'm glad Chica didn't get booted by someone who instinctively went with "fight" rather than "flight." Despite how cute the dog looks close-up, that tarantula-like costume is downright unnerving ... probably especially when seen at night coming straight at you.

Spider-dog, spider-dog
Does whatever a spider-dog does
Can she scare? The poop out of you?
Yes she can
She's a dog
Look ouuuuuuut, here comes spider dooooog ....


Image via YouTube

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