Kim Kardashian May Have Sent Reggie Bush Sexy Texts While Dating Kanye

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As you probably already know, there was a serious phone hacking scandal in Hollywood recently, where tons of stars' iClouds were broken into, potentially giving the world access to their nude photos and private info. Thus far, most of the attention has been on Jennifer Lawrence, whose nude selfies were posted online, but other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, have reportedly been targeted, as well.

According to In Touch (so, yeah, take with a grain of salt), Kim's iCloud may have been hacked into, and it isn't the nude selfies that may be exposed that are freaking her out -- it's the fact that there's "proof" she was exchanging flirty text messages with her ex, Reggie Bush ... while she was with Kanye. Awk-ward.


A source apparently told the mag of what could be revealed: "It can also expose their out-of-control spending habits and how they aren’t actually worth as much as you would think. Kim’s career could be ruined by what’s on her cloud." Hmm ... not sure hearing Kim isn't worth as much as we think would "ruin" her career, nor would seeing naked pics of her since we've seen her without clothes almost as often as we've seen ourselves without clothes -- but. If there is, in fact, proof that she sent sexy texties to Bush after she got together with Kanye, it could ruin her marriage. Kanye reportedly already hates Kim's ex; if true, this could be the last straw.

Of course, this is all stemming from a gossip magazine whose track record isn't exactly impeccable in terms of being accurate. But on the other hand, if you believe the "where there's smoke, there's fire" theory, there could be some grain of truth to this, which would be sad. Kim and Kanye may be an annoying couple, whose love for themselves knows no bounds, but it would be a shame if they broke up. It hasn't even been a year.

Here's to hoping it's all just gossip.

Do you think Kim texted with Reggie after getting together with Kanye?


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