Chris Pratt Is So Endearing Even His Awkward First Pitch Is Adorable (VIDEOS)

Chris Pratt First PitchChris Pratt is quickly becoming one of our favorite Hollywood celebrities. The Parks and Recreation star may be busting onto the scene in a big way thanks to Guardians of Galaxy, but we love Mr. Anna Faris most for his behind the scenes antics.

Like the time he French braided an intern's hair during an interview just to prove he could. That was awesome. Or how about the time he perfectly rapped Eminem's Slim Shady part of "Forgot About Dre"? Basically -- the man can do no wrong. Even his terrible first pitch at the Cubs game on September 3 was endearing -- not to mention his serenade to the crowd during the seventh inning stretch.


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I mean ... it was bad. But he's still adorable. I love how he holds his pose at the end there, as if he can will the ball to not veer so terribly off course. No such luck, of course.

But Pratt's real starring moment was during the seventh inning stretch, when he sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to the entire stadium.

Aggghhh! He's just so gosh darn likable I want to buy him a beer and some soft serve.

Are you a Chris Pratt fan?


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