Kim Kardashian Basically Admits to Another Sex Tape

Kim KardashianWe all know that Kim Kardashian is hardly adverse to putting her sexy times on film for posterity. Or at least she used to be. It was years ago that she starred in a sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J -- and the tape helped launch her to stardom. But what about now? Would her natural inclination toward exhibitionism win out over wariness that a new sex tape could get stolen and make the rounds? Well, if you know Kim, you probably already know the answer to that one. Sounds like Kim and Kanye might have starred in their own little porno.


Kim told GQ Magazine:

My husband Kanye and I have an amazing sex life. So far as the sex tape is concerned, whether or not we've made another ... If we have it's never something I want to go public. [It's] not something I would want anyone else to see but me and Kanye.

Um, err, if that doesn't sound like an admission that another one exists (or perhaps several -- or thousands!), I don't know what does.

Well, you didn't think Kanye would let Ray J one-up him in that department, didja? And just in case that answer was a little too ambiguous for you, this should put your doubts to rest. Kim added:

I am married to an incredible man and let's just say we like to have fun. Have we made another? There's nothing wrong with being adventurous, having fun and experimenting. Kanye and I have a very good sex life. What we do privately is private.

Sounds like a long-winded way of saying, "Yes, of course we've made a sex tape, you dope."

Wow. You know what they say, once burned, twice shy. Or, in Kim's case, twice not shy at all. You'd think she'd have learned her lesson ... but what lesson was that exactly anyway? The lesson that a sex tape sold to the public will make you millions and famous? Yeah, that one.

Something tells me if this sex tape just happened to get out to the public, well, Kim and Kanye wouldn't mind so much. Considering Kanye's massive ego (and massive ... ? just speculating!), you might expect this work of art to hit the market sometime soon!

Do you think they've made one? Would you watch?


Image via Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment

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