Kim Kardashian Rips Her Skirt in the Worst Possible Spot EVER (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

D'oh! Wardrobe malfunctions are pretty unfortunate no matter how you look at them, but when you're wearing a piece of clothing from your own collection? Yeah. That's downright humiliating.

Poor Kim Kardashian split her skirt before attending an event in London yesterday. You know she had to be more than a little bit miffed about the damn thing tearing right smack dab in the middle of her butt.

The hole in the garment is small, but still -- this is pretty embarrassing.


Kim Kardashian

Yikes! The skirt is part of the new Kardashian Kollection capsule from Lipsy, a store in London.

And while leather fits snugly to the body regardless, it's clear that Kim might have been better off opting to wear one size larger, just to be on the safe side.

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But then again, maybe this thing had a faulty zipper or something? Yeah, let's go with that. Kim unfortunately happened to pick the one skirt from the whole line that couldn't withstand someone sitting down and getting up multiple times, and the damn zipper just gave right out.

Man, what a bummer.

Have you ever had your clothes rip in public?


Images via Hewitt/Splash News

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