Justin Theroux Reveals Why He Wore 2 Pairs of Underwear in 'The Leftovers'

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If you're a fan of the HBO show The Leftovers, you're likely a fan of Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston's fiance, who plays the lead character in the series. You also likely have seen Theroux's package -- well, the outline of it. In a recent scene in The Leftovers, Theroux was jogging in a gray sweatsuit that many people would deem "snug," and, with the risk of sounding crass, he left very little to the imagination. After the show aired, the Internet all but exploded with talk of Theroux's, for lack of a better phrase, bulge, and when he appeared on Conan on Wednesday night, he finally opened up about what lies beyond the gray sweatsuit. (Spoiler alert: Jennifer Aniston is one lucky lady.)


After chatting with Theroux for some time, Conan finally broke down and asked the actor what was up. "Many women today on my staff came up to me and they were saying, 'You have to ask Justin.' There's a scene where you're jogging and they say that your package is quite apparent when you're jogging in these sweatpants. I guess it's a thing that women are talking about," the talk show host said. He then asked Theroux if had an "enhancement going on there." Theroux was embarrassed (or was he really flattered???), and he revealed that there was not any kind of enhancement going on in the scene -- actually, there was something to ... tame things down.

Theroux talked about how there were two scenes in The Leftovers that involved jogging -- one in the pilot and one much later. He told Conan, "When I went to get my wardrobe for the second jogging scene way later, there was my jogging pants and then there was two pairs of underwear in the dressing room. I was like, 'Oh, I can clearly choose between two pairs,' and they were like, 'No, they want you to wear them both.'"

So yeah. Justin just admitted to being well-endowed. Not sure how his fiance feels about him telling this to the world, but it's unlikely Aniston is too mad, given her man is smart, funny, talented, and, well, you know. She's got the full package :)

Check out Justin and Conan's chat:

And if you want to see a still from the scene ... You're welcome.

Did you notice Justin's, erm, manhood when watching The Leftovers?


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