Joan Rivers' Daughter Melissa Faces Worst Decision a Child Has to Make

Joan RiversJoan Rivers is still in dire condition at a Manhattan hospital after suffering cardiac arrest during a reported vocal chord procedure at an outpatient clinic. Rivers is reportedly on life support and her daughter, Melissa, will have to make the agonizing decision whether to keep her on life support or take her off. One source says she will likely make the decision this weekend.


The Fashion Police host is reportedly kept in full hair and makeup in a private suite at the hospital and is surrounded by flowers and being "kept comfortable," says Melissa.

A source told RadarOnline:

[Melissa] could be facing a very tough decision very soon: whether or not to take her mother off of life support. Everyone is hoping for a miracle, but it isn’t looking likely.

What a terribly challenging decision to have to make for a loved one. It's possible that Joan and Melissa had discussed what to do in a situation like this, but most people don't get into excruciating detail about it because it's extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to determine with accuracy how someone is going to be after coming out of such trauma to the brain.

Melissa will be forced to not only try to figure out what Joan would have wanted, but what her future condition will be. Joan has always been an extremely hard worker and, even at 81, worked harder and longer days than most people half her age. It's hard to imagine she would want a life of being dependent on others or of lying around not being able to move or talk or continue with her career. (For an inside look at just how hard Joan works, check out her documentary A Piece of Work.)

Melissa would know more than anyone what Joan would want, but even she is probably having some moments of doubt.

Of course, if there is no chance at all for any kind of recovery, then Melissa's decision is made somewhat easier, though nothing about this situation is easy.

No matter how you feel about Joan's blunt humor, she was a trailblazer for women in comedy. Her career has simply been amazing, and she's managed to keep it going for so long. This is not an elderly woman who sat knitting all day -- she was vibrant, busy, her unapologetic wit hadn't been dulled one iota in her advanced years. She was still living a very full, fabulous life. How tragic to have that suddenly cut short.

Poor Melissa. Poor Joan. Let's all hope for a miracle. If anything, Joan is a fighter.

Update: Joan Rivers has died. Rest in peace, Joan.


Image via joanrivers/Instagram

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