Kim Kardashian Gropes Herself in Sexy New Photo Because Why Not?

Kim Kardashian

Now that Kim Kardashian has been named British GQ's Woman of the Year, it's totally understandable for her to fall a little bit more in love with herself.

I mean, what gal wouldn't feel a surge of self confidence upon being granted such a highly coveted title? Considering the bevy of gorgeous women they had to choose from, she has to feel pretty honored to be their leading lady.

And I guess that's why she couldn't help but share a new photo on Instagram where she's blatantly grabbing her own boob.

Yes, you read that right. May I present, Kim Kardashian feeling herself up.


Hey ... more power to her, right? It's tough to deny that her body is pretty bangin', and if the mood strikes her once in a while to grab a handful, why the hell shouldn't she?

After all, they're her breasts, and she can do whatever she damn well pleases with them, right?

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And you have to admit, this photo is pretty freakin' sexy. All joking aside, it's not like Kim intended to pose this way (or at least that's what we're assuming). She simply seems surprised and delighted by all the attention she's receiving, so she probably placed her hand on her chest out of shock, not because she can't resist grabbing her own ta-tas.

Do you think Kim knew what she was doing in this photo?


Image via Splash News

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