Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Might Be Worn Again

Princess Diana Wedding33 years after Princess Diana walked down the aisle in one of the most famous wedding dresses in recent history, the gown has finally been passed on to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to their late mother's will, the dress she wore at her 1981 wedding to their father Prince Charles is to be passed to them upon Harry's 30th birthday, which is right around the corner on September 15. Up until now, Di's brother Charles Spencer has been looking after the gown, which just goes to show how famous this dress is that it had to be babysat until he sons came of age.


The one-of-a-kind dress was created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, and is a glorious cacophony of silk and taffeta lace, featuring a 25-foot train and a reported 10,000 pearls. It's a wonder she was able to stand up in that thing, let alone move in it!

Of course, Prince William's bride Kate Middleton missed the opportunity to wear her mother-in-law's iconic dress at her own wedding (we are rather fond of her own Lacy Alexander McQueen wedding dress anyway), Prince Harry is still living the bachelor life. Will his future bride have the option of donning Di's behemoth dress as she says her "I do's"?

Probably not ... besides, doesn't every girl want to pick her own wedding dress? But I'd be willing to bet that there might be some playing "dress up" happening around Kinsington Palace, given the chance!

In all likelihood, the dress will probably be displayed in a London museum. It's been the centerpiece of the museum at Althorp, the Spencer family's Northampton estate since 1998, so it's used to being gazed upon by adoring fans.

But still. Dress up first.

Do you think Princess Diana's wedding dress will ever be worn again?


Image via Laura Loveday/Flickr

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