First 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Trailer Features Sex, Fire & The Dowager Countess (VIDEO)

downton abbey season 5

It has seemed like it's been years since we got to see our favorite pale-faced family (besides the Cullens) on Downton Abbey. But after a hilarious historic gaffe in one of the posters, and now a recently released trailer for season 5, things are certainly heating up for Downton fans.

The trailer may be lacking any plastic water bottles, but at least we'll have that memory to comfort us when winter rolls through. There seems to be a lot of secrets. There seems to be a lot of sex. There's some kissing! And a fire! And complaints about these modern times! And where would the show be without Dame Maggie Smith? Nowhere, that's where. Well -- at least it'd be a lot less entertaining.

And they still haven't figured out the whole airing an entire season in the UK before seeing it in the US. Season 5 premieres in the US on January 5 on PBS, while in the UK, those lucky punks get to see it on September 21 on ITV. Seriously, what would the Dowager say about this injustice?


Here's the trailer:

Well, we've got Jimmy Kent making his moves on some woman we don't know, and Lady Mary Crawley also may have another gentleman suitor to take us through season 5. Yes, we can all agree the show hasn't been the same since Matthew's death. I suppose it's time to get over it ...

Richard E. Grant, who appeared in Girls, also shows up in the trailer at Simon Bricker.

According to TIME, the fifth season will take place in 1924. In case you don't know any British history (really, you don't?), this is the year of Britain's first Labour party government. Ramsay MacDonald became the first ever Labour Prime Minister. As all of the characters have teased, changes are a'comin'.

Can't wait to read all the spoilers about season 5 when the show premieres in the UK and then find a website to watch all the episodes on my laptop instead of seeing them on my television screen! Because, seriously, diehard Downton fans simply can't wait that long.

What do you think of the first trailer for Downton Abbey? Sad there weren't any plastic water bottles?


Image via PBS

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