Kim Kardashian Gets Angry & Behaves Like You've Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

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Well, for starters, don't put any photos of the wedding plans in the Cloud! Otherwise you'll have a Jennifer Lawrence problem. In any case, this Labor Day weekend, we were treated to a 90-minute super-sized episode (season 9, episode 19) of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In today's exclusive episode, I tell you what I read between the lines with Brody Jenner, and how the real Kim Kardashian, as elusive as Bigfoot, surfaced for a moment.


Personally, I saw some VERY sloppy editing this week, but it's the producers' fault, not the cast -- in today's episode below, I give you two examples and how they could have been put together in a better way. But on a more positive note, the story arcs this season are terrific, for reasons I'll explain.

Now moms, I have a question. How in the world do you keep a pregnancy from your husband? Or your mother? Do you think Kourtney Kardashian had already told the family she was pregnant and they just played along for the cameras? Either way, it gave her a chance, via Scott Disick, to advertise the next Kardashian spinoff in the empire, Kourtney and Kim Take the Hamptons.

There's drama between Brody and the family, which becomes drama (or a glimpse of REAL reality?) with Bruce Jenner. Included in that mess is a seemingly random scene with Brody doing a DJ gig in a club with his girlfriend -- except it wasn't random at all. In today's video below, I break it ALL down and explain what may have been going on as this episode was put together. Watch now!

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Do you think the Kardashians were faking surprise over Kourtney's baby news?

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