Ashlee Simpson Marries Evan Ross After Breaking a Sacred Wedding Tradition

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross

Uhhhhh, what? I know celebrities are kind of known for doing things unconventionally, but would you believe that at Ashlee Simpson's wedding to Evan Ross, she did not have her dad, Joe Simpson, walk her down the aisle?

Yes, I'm serious. We can probably go ahead and assume he was in attendance, but for whatever reason, Ashlee chose to have her son Bronx give her away as opposed to her pops.

And while the whole idea of her little man walking her down the aisle is kind of adorable, you gotta wonder if poor Joe felt like he got the shaft, being that dads typically do that sort of thing.


And no, he didn't serve as the officiant either. Um, Evan's mom Diana Ross did! The wedding was actually held at her estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, so to say she played a big part in her son's day is a huge understatement.

And yes, Jessica Simpson served as Ashlee's matron of honor, and I'm sure she almost upstaged the bride with whatever she happened to be wearing. (OMG. Dying to see pics.)

As far as Ashlee's bridal attire goes, she wore a long-sleeved dress embellished with pearls, along with $750,000 worth of Neil Lane jewelry. (Yowza.)

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Oh, and in what had to be one of the cutest couple of minutes to ever come out of a wedding ceremony, Jessica's kiddos, Maxwell and Ace, served as flower girl and ring bearer -- which no doubt resulted in all sorts of oohs and ahhs from the guests.

Seriously, can you even imagine how fabulous this wedding was? (Aside from the look on Joe's face, of course.)

Congrats to Ashlee and Evan!

Are you surprised that Joe did not walk Ashlee down the aisle?


Image via Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

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